How to Choose Your Field Hockey Stick


Playing proficient hockey is anything but a piece of cake. The fresh shots and cheering from the group arrives at the people who ace the game throughout the long term, with training, ability and difficult work. As it is said, field hockey is about craftsmanship and not power, so you should be sound at your abilities and consistent with your wrists and the stick. However, other than abilities, it includes a few detail too and a ton of it relies upon the sort of stuff you pick. Out of all, the hockey stick assumes the most imperative part as it is the great frill with which you play the game. Accordingly, to supplement your game, it is fundamental that you picked the right twig to play with. Here is a concise portrayal about the sort of hockey sticks (twigs) liked by Indian players.


Both the left-given and the right-given players utilize a similar sort of stick as need might arise to utilize two hands to control it. It includes a hold and a shaft, toward the finish of which is a level region and a bended snare that faces the right. Players grasp it utilizing their right hand situated at the foundation of the hold and the left one close to the highest point of the stick and the level region of the stick is intended to hit the ball with.


The principal viewpoint while picking a hockey stick ought to be its weight. It ought to be light enough for you to hold, and adequately weighty to provide the ideal capacity to your shots. Most experts choose a medium-weight stick, but everything relies upon the position you are playing at. Forward position is supplemented by a lighter stick as it very well may be moved quickly and effectively, while a safeguard would incline toward a weighty stick to stop the strong shots and guarantee hard hits. Midfielders utilize the medium load as it gives the advantages of both, force and mobility. In the event that you are an amateur, you ought to go for this, until you conclude what your specialty in the game is.


The length of the hockey twig is firmly connected with your level and ability. best field hockey sticks Assuming you are an expert player, the stick should be longer to help a superior stretch around you. In any case, for amateurs taking a stick that arrives at simply over your waist is better. Later you can utilize a more drawn out stick. A 36-38 inch stick will suit the typical Indian level.

Toe Style

It is the region with which you hit the ball. It is accessible in four sorts snare, maxi, midi, shorti. The snare has the most bended opening and is involved by profoundly gifted players and safeguards as it gives a huge surface region to hitting or getting the ball. It works best on a grass surface. Maxi is somewhat less bended than the previous, it is utilized for previously mentioned purposes yet it performs best on a turf. Midi is modestly bended, it is helpful for midfielders as it can undoubtedly turn around the ball and can stop moderate shots also. Shorti is a daintily bended stick which is great for spilling. It is utilized by the assault line players.