Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel


A home’s electrical panel is the heart of a building’s power supply. It regulates and distributes electricity to all areas of a house or business.

Upgrading to a new electrical panel can solve a variety of issues, such as flickering lights and constantly tripped breakers. It can also help you add more appliances to your household without worrying about them tripping or blowing fuses.
Improved Safety

An outdated electrical panel may not be able to keep up with your home’s energy demands. This can result in circuits overheating and catching fire, which is a major safety hazard for your family. Upgrading your electrical panel to meet industry standards will significantly reduce your risk of these kinds of problems and keep your home safer for years to come.

Upgrading your electrical panel also makes it possible to install newer, more advanced devices in your home. These include things like EV charging stations and HVAC systems. They require more power than what your existing panel can provide, which means you will need an upgrade to be able to use these types of appliances safely.

A professional electrician can help you determine the best amperage for your new electrical panel based on the size of your home and its electricity needs, which is often called its “electrical load.” They can also help ensure that your new panel meets all local building codes and safety requirements.
Increased Home Value

An electrical panel upgrade is an excellent way to increase the overall value of your home. This is especially true if you are considering selling your house in the future. If you have a fuse box that constantly tripped, burned smells coming from outlets, or flickering lights, it’s time to have a professional electrician take care of your residential electrical service panel.

Modern homes need to run a lot of equipment and appliances that require 240v circuits. An outdated panel will not be able to handle this demand, and can result in poor performance, overheating, or even fires.

A new electrical panel will be able to handle all of these demands and provide a steady supply of power. This can also help you save money by reducing the amount of electricity that your home uses. In some cases, a new electrical panel will allow you to get discounts or rebates from your electric company. It may also help reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium because it is more up-to-code and safer.
Increased Energy Efficiency

Your electrical panel plays a crucial role in powering the appliances and devices throughout your home. But if it is outdated, it can present safety risks by malfunctioning and overheating. Upgrading to a new panel can prevent these issues and keep your appliances and equipment running efficiently.

An electrical panel upgrade can also provide significant energy savings. Modern panels are designed to meet the energy demands of today’s technology-driven homes. These panels have advanced circuitry that can optimize energy usage, leading to lower electricity costs.

In addition, modern electrical panels can integrate seamlessly with renewable energy systems to help you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources. If you are considering investing in renewable energy for your home, an electrical panel upgrade is the perfect way to prepare for these eco-friendly investments. A home with an upgraded panel is also better positioned to benefit from energy-efficient home automation. This can include EV charging, smart thermostats, and more.
Save Money

Many organizations offer rebates to offset the cost of energy-saving home upgrades like an electrical panel upgrade. These rebates can significantly cut down the cost of this important home improvement project.

Upgrading your electrical panel can help you save money on your electric bills because new panels are designed to efficiently channel power throughout the building. Older models can waste more electricity, resulting in higher utility bills.

A residential electrical panel upgrade can also save you money on homeowner’s insurance premiums. An up-to-code electrical panel is considered a safety feature, lowering the risk of fires that can damage your appliances and cause costly repairs.

If you have been experiencing frequent circuit breakers or smoke coming from outlets, it is time to consider an electrical panel upgrade. This essential home improvement project can improve your safety, increase your property value, and save you money on utility bills. Call Cranney today to learn more about electrical panel repair and to schedule a service.Electrical Contractor Clearwater