Why Long Football Socks Are Essential


Long football socks are essential for players to keep their legs warm. They are also a good way to match team colors and show off their individual style. Choosing the right pair of socks isn’t just about brands, but also about length, size, fabrics and grips. The best pair of socks will be comfortable and will support your shin guards.

During a game, players run fast and jump to make plays. This can result in serious knee scratches and it is important to have thick over-the-knee socks to protect them from this. The fabric will also help to prevent the socks from slipping down and exposing the skin.

Another reason for wearing long football socks is to keep the shin guards in place. If the socks are too loose, the shin guards will slip down and this can lead to injury. The socks should be tight enough to hold the shin guards in place but not so tight that they feel uncomfortable and restrict your leg movement.

Many players prefer to fold their long socks below the knee. This method is less likely to cause wrinkle marks and it offers rigid support and grip which prevents the socks from falling during play. This can be especially helpful in hot weather, when the socks may become damp and heavy. Additionally, folding the socks allows for more air to flow between the calf and shin. This helps to cool down the legs, reduces odor and provides more comfort during a game.