What to Expect at a Wine Tasting


Whether you’re attending a what to expect at a wine tasting? as a member of a tasting group or a guest, you’ll find that there are a few key tips to follow that will help you enjoy your experience. Some of the most common rules include ordering reds first and asking questions about the wine you’re tasting.

You should avoid smoking in a winery. This is a bad idea because oils from scented body products, such as aftershave and perfume, can cling to the palate and overshadow the taste of the wine.

You should also use your sense of smell while tasting. You’ll notice that the wine can smell like wood or flowers. If you’re not sure what to expect, ask a wine steward about the proper way to smell wines.

Lastly, be sure to drink water during your wine tasting. This helps keep your head clear of alcohol and prevents you from becoming lightheaded. This is important, because drinking too much alcohol can make tasting wines difficult.

When you’re done tasting, pour the wine into a dump bucket. You can then take the bottle home with you. However, most wineries do not allow you to open the bottle at this point. You can take a bottle to the car, but you may not want to leave it there.

Finally, try not to spit or brush your teeth too close to the wine. These actions can interfere with the smell of the wine, and can also be a distraction to the other people at the winery. If you’re in a crowded tasting room, you may want to request a plastic cup.

Another thing to remember when you’re tasting wine is to hold the glass at the stem. This will help you get the best temperature for sampling the wine. It will also help you avoid greasy fingerprints on the outer surface of the glass. You’ll also want to swirl your wine, which will add to the flavor. This will also help you to see how each serving looks.

As you finish your wine tasting, ask a wine steward about other questions you’d like to ask. Your questions will help the staff at the winery understand your preferences better. You can also ask for suggestions for new wines to try.

A common misconception is that wine tastings are not social. In fact, they’re the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family. You’ll be able to order bottles for your home, and you’ll have the chance to ask questions about the wines you’re tasting. You’ll also have the opportunity to buy a few bottles if you like the wine.

It’s also important to eat a substantial meal before going to a wine tasting. Your body will absorb the alcohol more slowly on a full stomach. You shouldn’t eat mints or chew gum at the tasting.

In addition to the 5 S’s, there are other wine-related terms you’ll want to be familiar with. Some common terms are bouquet, acidity, and sweetness. These are all elements of the complex taste experience.