The Kaviar Shop


The Kaviar Shop is a place where you can buy the finest kaviar around. Kaviar is a traditional, nussartigen Geschmack and is ideally served with toast and ungesalzene crackers. It is also recommended to serve it with a Mother of Pearl spoon.
It should be served with ungesalzene crackers

Kaviar Shop can be served with many different types of crackers, but for your first time, we recommend sticking to plain crackers lightly salted. As you gain confidence, you can branch out to other types of crackers such as wholegrain and seeded varieties. The nutty flavor of the crackers will complement the salty caviar.

If you are serving caviar to a group of people, it’s a good idea to serve the caviar on crackers so that people will be able to enjoy the salty flavor. Additionally, the crackers will balance the salty taste and add more texture to the caviar.
It should be served with toast

Kaviar should be served with toast. If you want to impress your guests, you can also order caviar and other dishes that are rich in flavor. However, you should know that caviar can be messy. It is important to use utensils that are safe for the food. It is best to order it in a restaurant that provides proper service.
It should be served with a Mother of Pearl spoon

The mother of pearl spoon is a wonderful choice for serving caviar, as it does not alter the delicate flavors of fish eggs and is sturdy enough for commercial use. It also creates a lovely contrast with the pearls of the caviar. In addition, mother of pearl spoons match up well with formal table settings.

Mother of pearl spoons are handcrafted and made from real nacre, harvested from special ocean mollusks. These spoons are the perfect accessory for serving caviar, as metal or wooden spoons may contaminate the caviar. They are also highly reflective, making them perfect for serving the caviar dish.