The Best Portable Pump For Moms


Pumping on-the-go is a necessity for many new moms, but there’s a wide variety of portable pumps to choose from. Some are more powerful for full-time work away from baby, while others are more budget friendly and designed to be used as a temporary pump during travel or vacations. The best portable pump for you will depend on where and how often you plan to pump, how much power you need, and your comfort level with a hands-free wearable pump.

For a portable pump that promises hospital-grade suction, check out this double electric pump from Medela. It features two-phase expression technology that mimics natural breastfeeding patterns to increase milk output. Testers found it comfortable to use and easy to clean, too.

The only thing that keeps this lightweight wearable from our top pick is its battery life, which can drain pretty quickly, but a simple USB charger helps ensure you’re never left without a pump for too long. Moms love the fact that this double-electric pump doesn’t require an app or extra accessories to operate, so you can just plug it in and get pumping with minimal fuss.

The most intuitive and user-friendly wearable pumps are the ones that allow you to pump how, when, and where you want, so moms gravitate toward those models on a daily basis. The Spectra S1 is one such model, with easy-to-read instructions and buttons that are a breeze to understand. For a more advanced option that includes a smartwatch-compatible app that allows you to track your pumping, consider the Willow Gen 3. It’s the most complex of all wearables, but its comprehensive features and powerful vacuum make it a good choice for commuting or working in environments where you can’t always take a break to pump. best portable pump