Perfect Beaches for Holiday Rentals in Murcia


Murcia, situated along Spain’s Costa Calida, is known for its all year warm, radiant environment which draws in holidaymakers to the area. With an overflow of manors for lease on hotels, for example, Polaris World’s Blemish Menor Golf Resort, La Torre Golf Resort and El Valle Golf Resort vacationers can lease extravagance Murcia estates with private pools or reasonable condos and make the most of resort offices, for example, collective pools, jungle gyms, tennis courts and close by eateries.

In the event that you’re anticipating searching for occasion rentals in Murcia this mid year ensure you investigate the neighborhood visit the numerous delightful sea shores on offer. Murcia, otherwise called the Costa Calida in Spain offers more than 100 sea shores for everybody to appreciate, whether you need to venture out by boat to a beautiful abandoned bay, or loosen up on a stretch of sandy ocean side to absorb the sun.

Just travel close to Murcia city to the coast to investigate famous regions. Ocean side towns to visit incorporate Blemish Menor, San Javier, Cartagena, Mazarron, Aguilas, San Piedro del Pinatar and Lo Agnostic. The Blemish Menor specifically ( a huge salt water lake successfully) is a truly well known region to visit, with its warm Mediterranean waters and immense, brilliant sea shores, shallow waters and little waves; Murciabeaches truly provide food for everybody.

Deface Menor sea shores

Estate Nanitos

Situated on the Costa Calida above Lo Agnostic, the Estate Nanitos ocean side offers water skiing, volleyball, windsurfing and ocean kayaking. Close by are the mud showers of San Pedro del Pinatar; definitely worth a visit.

La Llana

Situated on San Pedro de Pinatar, Blemish Menor, this is a blue banner ocean side and can get going during top season. It is a long, sandy ocean side and foot showers are accessible during the pinnacle season. The waters here are gentle thus wonderful to take a plunge.

El Espejo

Another blue banner ocean side, El Esperjo can likewise be tracked down on the Blemish Menor shoreline. This sandy ocean side is great on the off chance that you extravagant a spot of surfing, volley ball and kayaking. The waters here are quiet.

Los Nietos

This is another famous Blemish Menor ocean side. It offers 4km of long dark, sandy ocean side with shower offices, as well as bunches of cafés and quiet waters.

San Javier sea shores


Euromanga ocean side is situated in San Javier, Murcia. It’s normal of the La Manga stretch, and that implies its brilliant sands and lovely waters draw in numerous travelers and local people.


This San Javier sandy ocean side offers a cookout region, café, convenience, showers, ocean side cleaning and houses a Red Cross station. Lifeguards likewise watch the region, and it’s additionally one of the most secure sea shores as it’s watched by neighborhood police.

Cartagena sea shores

Cala Cortina

Near Cartagena, this Murcia bay is found only several minutes drive away. Local people will cycle and stroll to Cala Cortina to partake in a day of unwinding; go through a tranquil evening here with companions or family.


Calblanqueis a safeguarded nature save, home to sandy sea shores and inlets. This ocean side is one of a handful of the you are permitted to bring canines down to, so it’s fitting to avoid the lower end of the ocean side in the event that you wish to stay away from the family pets. As it’s a safeguarded region, there are no offices like cafés or bars, however there is a vehicle leave.

Cala Medina, Las Melvas and Levante

This gathering of three sea shores are little sea shores, with somewhat less quiet water. They range from sand to rock to shake. There are eatery benefits close by, and it’s the ideal area in the event that you extravagant a spot of swimming.

El Portus

This is an extremely tranquil ocean side in Cartagena Private Beach. It’s sandy, and offers showering offices, however has restricted handicapped admittance as it’s hard to reach.

El Belonte Grande and Salitrona

These two sea shores in Cartagena are short and sandy, and are just open by boat or by walking, so they’re great in the event that you’re searching for a calm spot. These inlets are exceptionally gorgeous, encompassed by mountains with wild vegetation.

La Calera and San Gins

La Calera and San Gins are rock and sand sea shores, with quiet water making them reasonable for families. They offer sensible offices like showers, as well as a couple of cafés and shops close by.

Mazarron sea shores

Bolnuevo ocean side

Bolnueva ocean side is situated at Mazarron, Murcia. This exquisite brilliant sandy ocean side is perfect for families, and offers an excursion region, lunch room, showers and latrines. It’s likewise got a Red Cross Station and lifeguards working, as well as offering water sport hardware for lease. It can get extremely in the middle of during top seasons, yet by and large isn’t exactly just about as occupied as other blue banner sea shores along the Costa Calida.


Additionally situated at Mazarron, Murcia, this brilliant sandy ocean side is perfect for kids with its quiet waters and shower offices.

El Castallar

Offices accessible: This ocean side is situated close to the town and harbor of Mazarron. El Castallar is a sandy ocean side, with exquisite perfect, quiet waters. Albeit famous with families, this ocean side doesn’t get very as swarmed as some other Blue Banner sea shores around here. Offices incorporate café, eatery, showers, phones, ocean side cleaning, and a Red Cross point.

El Rihuete and Puerto de Mazarrn

These sandy sea shores are ideal for families investigating the Mazarron region, with a lot of nearby shops and cafés.

Aguilas sea shores

Las Delicias

The sand and stone ocean side of Las Delicias can be found in Aguilas, Murcia. It offers numerous offices, for example, a lunch room, café, showers and it likewise has a Red Cross station, is monitored by lifeguards and watched by the nearby police, so it is an incredibly protected ocean side to visit.


This metropolitan setting ocean side offers a café, eatery, latrines, showers and stopping. It’s an extremely famous ocean side in the mid year months.


This ocean side is likewise situated at Aguilas, Murcia. Its waters tend not to be all around as quiet as different sea shores in the area, making it more energizing for water sport fans. It offers a Red Cross point, stopping and ocean side cleaning, and once more, Calabardina can get very occupied.


Sizes at a little more than 440 meters, Levante ocean side offers a lunch room, eatery, showers, a Red Cross station, lifeguards. Ideal for kids, this well known ocean side is sandy, with quiet waters.

Abejerro and Las Pulgas

Assuming you’re after calm sand and rock sea shores, make a beeline for Abejerro or Las Pulas in Augilas. These are both tranquil, untainted sea shores, sadly there are no offices at one or the other area.

Punta del Fraile

This ocean side is just available by foot and offers perfect, clear water for swimming.

Lo Agnostic sea shores


Villanitos can be found in San Piedro del Pinatar, Lo Agnostic, Murcia. It has a lot of offices accessible for use, for example, café and eateries, latrines, showers, stopping and to participate in water sports, there is gear accessible for rental. Quiet waters and it’s huge, generally sandy ocean side make it exceptionally well known.

La Puntica

This is a sandy ocean side, with quiet waters. In the same way as other sea shores in Murcia, La Puntica offers an eatery, lunch room, showers, latrines, ocean side cleaning and a Red Cross station, and is watched by lifeguards and neighborhood police.

Lorca sea shores

Bao de las Mujeres and El Ciscar

These sea shores are found further south of the coast, at Lorca. They are both short sea shores, offering fabulous fishing open doors as well as being ideal areas for swimming and swimming.

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