Mobile Boat Detailing Prices


There are various boat detailing prices, depending on the size and condition of your yacht. A professional detailer can remove stains, oxidation, mildew, and other grime from the exterior of your vessel. They can also clean the interior and engine room. They may also perform minor repairs. These services can increase the value of your boat.

Some boat detailers charge by the foot, while others may charge by the job. To find the best deal, you should compare several quotes from different companies. This will help you avoid overpaying for services. When comparing prices, you should consider the quality of work and the amount of time the job will take.

In addition to the price of the service, you should consider the location of your boat. For example, if you live in an area that is exposed to harsh weather conditions, your boat will require more frequent cleaning than a boat in a sunny location. In addition, if your boat is used frequently for watersports, it will likely need more frequent washing and waxing than a less-frequently used boat.

To determine how much to charge for your services, you should use a mobile boat detailing pricing calculator. This tool will validate your estimates and quotes, and it will cut out the need for negotiations. It can also help you build packages and price add-ons. You should also consider your experience and qualifications when setting up your rates.

The basic wash service includes hull and topside washing, gutter track cleaning, windows washing, and application of cleaner wax. It usually costs between $2 and $4 per foot. A detailed wash package consists of the basics plus polishing, compartment cleaning, and removal of mildew. The price range is $8 to $12 per foot. A premium wash package includes everything in the basic package, along with seat conditioning, rust removal, and corrosion protection on working parts.

If your boat has extensive wear and tear, it will need more scrubbing and sanding than a normal wash. In this case, the detailer will likely have to use wet sanding, which involves a multi-stage process of moving from a coarse grit to a finer grit. This will require extra supplies and labor and will raise your price.

A powerboat is a jet-propelled boat with an average length of 14 to 24 feet (4 – 7.3 m). The cost of detailing this type of boat will be higher than that of a sailboat because it requires more cleaning and maintenance.

A fishing boat is a vessel that is typically used for saltwater fishing and overnight cruising. It has a storage area and sleeping berths and is usually equipped with a kitchen, shower, and bathroom. The cost of detailing this boat will be more expensive than a recreational boat, but it will be cheaper than a sportfishing yacht. It will probably require up to $15 per foot of detailing for this type of boat.  mobile boat detailing prices