MK Sales Bag UK


If you’re a fan of classic shapes with modern detailing, this MK sales bag uk is the one for you. It combines understated femininity with clean-cut professionalism, thanks to a panel of smooth pale pink leather on the front and textured dark leather panels on the sides. With back and front slip pockets and a spacious interior, it’s the perfect companion for casual events and days out.

The Parker collection is a best-seller for Michael Kors, and this stunning shoulder bag is the reason why. Made from calf leather, it’s sumptuous to the touch and boasts sleek gold-tone hardware for a luxurious feel. The ‘MK’ logo and studs add a chic finishing touch to this piece, while the sliding strap makes it super versatile.

Authentic MK bags feature the MK logo in the form of an embedded emblem, rather than a sticker-style logo that stands out from the rest of the leather. Also look for a neat, precisely sewn strap loop on the interior of the bag to ensure that it’s a genuine Michael Kors. The loops should be stitched above the seam, while fakes tend to tuck them into it.

A MK sales bag should be made from high-quality materials, with the exception of some bags that use coated canvas for aesthetic reasons. It should also have a strong and sturdy clasp, grommets, or buckles to fasten the handles of the bag. It should also have a silver ‘MK’ logo on the front of the bag, and a back-and-front zipped pocket for added practicality.