Making Money Online – Keys to Building a Long-Term Internet Business – Part One


The internet is full of “get rich quick” schemes and claims of people who made “$100,000 in 60 days”. However, if you really want to make money on the Internet and turn your efforts into a good home business, you should focus on developing a long-term business. There are three main reasons for this:

1) It is clear that many of the get-rich-quick claims are true. Even if they do exist, there is no doubt that most of them will be the result of many months of hard work to develop the necessary skills – and a lot of luck;

2) Focusing on planning quickly allows you to be more successful. I’m sure that’s why 98% of internet marketers don’t pay their bills and why most of them quit;

3) Creating a long-term business not only provides you with regular income, but also provides you with resources; An online business with a good sales record and profit will be very attractive if you want to sell it.

So now you’ve decided you’re finally going to be successful, what’s the point. If you understand them from the beginning, you will stay motivated and have a better chance of winning online games.

1) Mindset: Although it is money if you start making money immediately, most strategies you use will take time to pay off. If you have the attitude that you will continue until you succeed, and if you persevere, you will surely win.

2) Goals: Set realistic goals, both in terms of money and time. Contrary to what some self-help gurus say, I believe it is better to search low than high. In fact, if you reach your goal, it gives you a strong motivation to continue, this time with higher goals. Don’t let your goals be too low, if you set them higher than you are comfortable with, you will be disappointed and if you don’t achieve them, you might just give up.

3) Focus on one online activity and give it your full attention. Decide to work on it for a long time (for example, three months). At this point, don’t think it won’t work and move on. Any online business will take time to take off. The one you are working on is no different, so give it time and effort. 4) Strategy: Think carefully about the following:

a) How much time you will spend on the business;

b) what are the different roles required and what will you do for each (eg – admin, email response, sales)

c) Online Marketing: The success of your online business will depend on the quality and quantity of sales you make. Decide what type of marketing you will focus on and create your weekly schedule. 5) Implement: Last but not least, implement your plan and work on it regularly. An Internet millionaire interviewed by the Internet 123 profit quantum bonus Million Club said that the key to success is to shop every day.