How to Select Gas Masks


A gas mask is a protective device worn over the nose, mouth and neck to prevent inhalation of harmful airborne substances. It is used by first responders, military personnel and others to protect themselves against chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, biological weapons, and airborne microorganisms.

The selection of a gas mask is a complex decision, since most of us are unfamiliar with the various models and features available on the market. Despite this, there are several factors that can help to determine whether or not a particular mask will be suitable for a specific person. These include the degree of fit, the filtration efficiency and comfort.

While filtration is the easiest factor to consider, it is important to know that not all masks are created equal. Some are more comfortable than others and are better suited to specific face shapes. One of the best ways to check for this is by using a mask tester, which allows you to put a mask on your face and test its breathing performance.

In order to test a mask, you will want to ensure that it fits comfortably over your face and that it doesn’t irritate your skin. You will also want to see how it is mounted to your head, as this can make a difference in the way that it feels on your head. If possible, try to find a mask that mounts via ear loops or a headband as these tend to be more comfortable than those that are attached by a strap over the nose and mouth.

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