Cavity Wall Insulation – What Type of Cavity Wall Insulation Should You Choose?


Cavity wall insulation is a popular way to improve the energy efficiency of your home and save money. About a third of heat escapes through walls and the right insulation can help you to keep more of your heating where it should be, saving energy and cutting your bills.

There are several different types of cavity wall insulation available and what you choose will depend on your property and where you live. Older properties would benefit from mineral wool that is breathable and can be installed through small holes, minimally impacting the aesthetics of the property whilst newer homes may be better suited to rigid insulation boards that can enhance the structural integrity of the walls and are typically moisture-resistant.

Before deciding to get your cavities filled you should have them fully surveyed by a ROCKWOOL approved installer who will drill through the wall and use a borescope to check for any existing damage or rubble that could be impacting the effectiveness of your insulation. If there are any issues found that require repair then these should be fixed before the insulation is fitted to ensure you get the full benefits of your cavity wall insulation.

The most common type of insulation used today is Expanded Polystyrene beads (also known as EPS), which are a carbon polymer that are blown in with a bonding agent to fill your cavity. Their lightweight structure makes them easy to install and leave a clean finish with minimal mess afterwards. Their low water absorption also helps to prevent dampness. home insulation